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As it has always been said, Children are a gift from God. As much as barren women are desperately longing to have a child of their own there are others who are taking advantage of them. Any mistreatment of a child be it physically, emotionally or socially is simply referred to as child abuse. However you should understand the difference between disciplining a child and abusing a child. Many have misunderstood these two different things as to some people they may appear similar. Child abuse is mistreating a child making them feel pain. Cases of child abuse have increased in the last decade therefore we should be at the look out to people abusing children and report the cases.
Did you know that you can cause emotional child abuse to your child? This is simply done by saying hurtful things to them making them feel worthless. Sometimes we do it out of anger and we hardly understand what we are saying. This kind of abuse damages the self esteem of that particular child making them to feel undeserving. This can even affect their social life and education as well. Parents should always be careful about what they tell their children. You should not let your anger control you and always learn how to deal with your child. Words can be really hurting so you should be careful not to damage your child's confidence.
The worst kind of abuse is sexual abuse. This is not only dangerous to children but also adults. Many cases of child rape have been reported as well as molestation. Rape is extremely traumatising and will always remain in the mind of the victim. Once you come across a sexually abused child, one is advised to report the case immediately to the police and seek medical attention. You should try and support that child emotionally and give them hope. Although it is not easy, the child may recover with time depending on the support you give them. Remember child abuse can lead to suicide therefore it is our responsibility to support such children and take necessary precaution in order to eradicate it.

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