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Charity is defined as the act of voluntary giving to help those who are in need. Charity is the routine of giving money, time and goods to unfortunate people. Giving charity is a religious act and is often referred to as almsgivings.
The poor, especially widows and orphans, are often given charity. Some groups prefer giving charity to the people of their own community, religion, nationality etc. Most forms of charity are pertained to providing food, shelter and clothing to people. Tending the ill is also a form of charity. Visiting the imprisoned or home bound, educating poor children, ransoming captives and providing dowry for poor women are also laudable charitable acts.
If we are privileged enough, practicing charity is a must. Giving charity makes you feel relaxed and so, the importance of giving charity is not only restricted to religious grounds. Giving money for charity makes you feel better as it is a humanitarian act. Atheists practice charity as the act is related to humanitarian help and does not, always involve religion. The feeling you experience after giving charity is amazing. It makes you feel that you have helped humanity and have done justice to your earnings. Giving a part of your earnings would not only help the deprived but also bring economic stability in the society. If the unfortunate people would be helped, their problems will be foreshortened and as a result, the crime rate would also decrease substantially.
Living a luxurious life without helping others is not praiseworthy but living a mediocre life while helping the poor is something, which is highly applauded, by society. As Abraham Lincoln said “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us finish the work we are in”. Helping the poor is a noble deed which helps us in not only improving our present day life but also helps us in the life hereafter. Anyone who practices charity would have a peaceful life with absolutely no fears. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy the bounties of life then just don't spend all your earnings on yourself but also help the impoverished.

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