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Bullying is intentional tormenting of a child either physically, psychologically or verbally. It is a common phenomenon that children are bullied at school. The child who is being bullied often gets scared and develops a multifaceted personality. Every parent should teach his/her child as to how to deal with this situation. The children should know that they are no less than the one who is bullying them and that they should not be scared of that person. They should be repeatedly told that they should never become victims of such activities and report immediately, in case they are bullied.
You should teach your child to tell you about any bullying activity in school. You should be friendly with him/her. This will not only help you realise their problems but will also allow them to confront such situations. If your child tells you that he is being bullied then you should console him and offer comfort and support. You would obviously be upset about this but you have to act normal in front of your child. Sometimes, children are reluctant in notifying you because they feel embarrassed or ashamed that they are being bullied or worry about the fact that their parents would be disappointed with them.
Parents should praise the child for being brave enough to talk about the phenomenon. Remind him/her that he/she is not the only victim and there a lot of people who are bullied. Emphasize on the fact that it is the bully who is behaving badly and not your child. Let the child talk to person he is most comfortable with. This would help him speak freely without any hesitation.
Sometimes it's useful to contact the bully's parents so that they can warn their child to not continue with this horrible act. Teachers and counselors are the best people to contact in such situations. Train your child that if any such thing happens, he/she should immediately report to his parents and the teachers. Your role would not just be consoling your child but also taking action against the bully as he/she can bully other children as well.

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