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Studies on how to motivate people, from children to grownups, have consistently shown that praise and encouragement are the best motivators. The great thing about a rewards chart is that it gives on the spot recognition for good behaviour, as well as a visual aid (such as a sticker on the chart), helping them to visualise how their good behaviour has helped them progress toward a desired goal.
Reward charts help to teach the child good behaviour by offering a series of small rewards (stickers, spaces moved, etc) that move gradually towards something bigger. As the positive behaviour is reinforced through the recognition and encouragement, thImage By: lumaxarte behaviour becomes more habitual. 
One of the biggest benefits for parents using reward charts is that it helps to reduce nagging. The child definitely wants the reward, and therefore puts the effort into exhibiting the desired behaviour. With this system, the responsibility for earning the reward is completely on the child - which is a great way to help build their character. The satisfaction they receive through earning each sticker, and finally reaching their goal, goes a long way in boosting their confidence and preparing them for their next challenge.
There are many ways a reward chart can be used. Each child in a family can have their own chart (and even target different behaviours) or a group chart can be used with everyone's good behaviour contributing to reaching the end reward. A chart can run for a set period of time (i.e.: a week) or until a specified number of stickers are earned.
The end reward can be one of either the parent's or child's choosing. It ideally should be something that fosters family time together like a special outing, a storybook, or an activity that you both love.

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