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When a child reaches the age when they can use the Internet the occasion is automatically combined with the fear of what they might find. There is no central control that will prevent them from finding adult material or even games and entertainment that will keep them transfixed for hours. It is very important to supervise very young children and always check the parental controls to ensure that any precautions that can be taken are.
Various software is available that will automatically impose individualized parental settings. Operating systems on the computer will also have their own parental controls so it depends what level of control is needed. If downloading a separate piece of software ensure that background checks and reviews have been studied.
Once the parental controls are in place they take a certain amount of upkeep to ensure that there is not a loophole. There are many ways to bypass parental controls and it is more than likely that when a child reaches a certain age they will either know or be able to find out how to get around them. If the parental controls are located in the operating system then booting up the computer and using a different operating system can bypass the restrictions. Another method is to use an external server to bypass the system's controls. This can be avoided by blocking access to external servers.
Nowadays the Internet can be accessed from many different types of technology, including smart phone and iPads. If the child has a smart phone it is even harder to maintain control over what they can access. It may not even be intentional but it is very easy to accidentally click a link that will show adult advertisements, or to be directed to an adult site by a search engine. It is advisable to teach children how to use the Internet so that they know what to avoid and how to avoid it.

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